Olga Adamyan
1967 – born in Nor Hachn, Armenia

1986 – Yerevan Art college named P.Terlemezian
1994 – Yerevan State Art-Teatrical institute

Exhibitions Olga Adamyan

1987 – Solo exhibition in The House of Journalists, Yerevan
1989-94 – Group exhibitions in The House of Artists, Yerevan
1990-95 – The House of young artists of Armenia, State Gallery of Armenia
1995 – Solo exhibition in Ministry of Culture of Armenia
1995 – Woman artists union of “Kobalt”, Yerevan
1996 – Artists union of the Republic of Armenia
1997 – Exhibition “The Beginning” in Yervand Kochar Museum
1997 – Action “Individuality and Unity”, Yerevan
1998 – Performance “Text”, Museum of Tumanyan, Yerevan
Olga has lived and worked in Moscow since 1998
1998 – solo exhibition in “Izmaylovo” showroom, Moscow
1998 – group exhibition “The smile of Goddess” with gallery “Nur” in the central house of artists,
1999 – member of international association of young artists of UNESCO
2000 – solo exhibition in the Central house of Artists, Moscow
2007 – solo exhibition “Mon Ami Armenia”, France
2010 – group exhibition “Dialogue of Cultures” in Academy of Arts, Moscow
2010 – group exhibition “An year of Russia” in France
2011 – “14 Moscow Artists” in the Central House of Artists, Moscow
2011 – “Artist’s Space” in Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow
2011 – group exhibition “Tradition and Modernity” in Manege
2011 – a member of “Creative Union of Professional Artists”
2011 – exhibition of modern Armenian artists “From Insanity To Beauty”, Yerevan Plaza, Moscow
2012 – exhibition “Magic Of East”, Estet Jewelry House, Moscow
2013 – exhibition “Magic Of East”, showroom “Zelenograd”
2013 – solo exhibition “Autumn Pallet”, Prefectura, Zelenograd
2014 – group exhibition “Realism Today” in gallery “New Era”, Moscow
2014-15 – group exhibitions “Opening of the Season”, “New Year” in the Central House of Artists,