Jora Hirapetjan was born in 1946.

In 1968 he graduated from the Yerevan Fine Art State College after Terlemezjan. 1975 he graduted from the Yerevan Fine Art and Teatre State Institute. He has partiicipated in republican, all- union and international exibitions since 1980.

He has been a member of Artist’s Union of USSR since 1983.

Since 1995 he has been teaching painting in the Yerevan Academy of Arts. Since 2006- docent ,2011 professor.


1968 — Graduated from the State Yerevan Fine Art Academy

1975 — Graduated from The Theater Institute in Yerevan.

1983 — Since then, Jora Hayrapetyan has taken part in Republican and International Exhibitions.

1983 — Became member of the USSR Artist’s Union.

1995 — Became a full time professor at the State Academy of Fine Art.

2010 — Dean of the State Academy of Fine Art.

2001 — “Dante and Armenia” — Exhibition in Ravenna, Italy

2008 — “ Armenian Painters in Moscow”

2012 — “Armenian Painters in Moscow”

2011 — Exhibition at the Art Gallery of The State Fine Art Academy”

2014 — Gala Art Gallery, brings art work by master Jora Hayrapetyan to Dubai. Successful Show.

2015 — Skye Art Gallery, brings art work by master Jora Hayrapetyan to the United States for the first time.

2015 — Awarded the gold metal by the Armenian minister of culture for his contribution in the arts and involvements in art education.

2015- Awarded the Movses Khorenatsi medal.

Jora Hayrapetyan’s paintings are kept in the many private art collections and museums throughout Armenia, Russia, United States, Canada, Syrian, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.